Black Diamond was founded in 1995 with a bedrock investment philosophy that has remained consistent over the past 20 years and continues to guide the firm today. The philosophy encompasses the following key principles:

Focus on Areas of Expertise – Black Diamond’s management team and investment professionals have decades of experience in the credit, distressed debt and private equity markets and have particular expertise in underwriting, trading, restructuring and managing controlled distressed investments. The company applies its superior intellectual capital, investment experience and restructuring know-how to inform its focused approach to carefully selected debt securities that offer both structural protection and substantial underlying assets. This focused approach to investing emphasizes Black Diamond’s competitive advantages and enables it to provide superior returns to its investors, which at the end of the day is the firm’s primary focus.

Managing Risk – Black Diamond maintains a rigorously disciplined credit analysis process which is designed to protect its investments from excessive downside risk. The company reinforces this process by informing its bottoms up credit analysis approach to investing with extensive macro credit market analysis, ensuring that it can navigate the risks associated not only with its individual investments, but also the broader market.

Seizing Opportunity – Black Diamond believes that many of the best investment opportunities arise from volatility in the market and in individual companies (stressed and distressed situations). With this in mind, Black Diamond maintains a discipline when it comes to the deployment of capital, but it is tenacious when an appealing investment has been identified.

Alignment of Interests – Black Diamond is dedicated to providing superior returns and a client experience that treats its investors as true partners. In doing so, Black Diamond believes that it is only successful if its interests are fully aligned with the interests of its various investors. As such, a single-minded focus on the investor underpins every investment decision the company makes.